Our passion


Selected Meats Proffesional recommend

Proffesional cooks are carefully selected from a varieties and parts. Pork used "Spain olive Sangenton pig", and Wagyu beef used "Tokachiporosiri Wagyu beef" grown in Hokkaido's great nature. Wagyu beef has a deep and mellow taste, as it has good fat. The selected meat is carefully cut one by one by us, and the commitment to freshness will be served.


Seasonal Yummy vegetables

Japan, from north to south. We offer delicious seasonal vegetables in the best condition. Spring-Summer-Autumn-Winter, seasonal vegetables differ in area, so we do not specify the production area in our shop.


Freshly yummy Sushi

Although our restaurant is buffet, it is characterized by shaping Sushi after placing an order. Shari is blended rice in Hokkaido by ourself with fully confidence. Enjoy 20kinds f Sudhi.


Private room or Private party! Whichever as you like.

You can enjoy your meal calmly in a space where you can feel Japaneseness everywhere and the atmosphere of a foreign country. We can support not only Private room but also one floor for Private party. You can use in various scenes without worrying about the number of people.


For your smile

We always consider and act on your smile first. In order to enjoy meals without stress for overseas customers, we have implemented a touch panel, and offer menus in three languages (English, Chinese, Korean) in addition to Japanese.